9 Innovative Tech Solutions for Pleasant Train Rides in India

9 Innovative Tech Solutions for Pleasant Train Rides in India

With over 23 million people reported to commute daily across numerous junctions, the Indian Railway is regarded as the backbone of the nation. Although the country boasts an extensive train network that links urban terminals to their rural counterparts, traversing from point A to point B can be a hassle if you are not suitably prepared.

All the details of your trip, from ordering tickets to keeping tabs on the train’s location and arranging for meals on board, need to be planned. This complicates things considerably before you even set out on your adventure.

However, plenty of resources (i.e., applications and websites) are available for the millions of Indians who take the train each year with smartphones. Moreover, rail apps like the RailMitra app help tackle the difficulties faced from the moment you begin your search for a train ticket to the instant you get to your destination.

9 Best Technology to Streamline Indian Train Journeys 

Find an overview of the advanced technology that’s making train travelling much more streamlined:

Train and Seat Availability

To check on the availability of trains and seats between terminals, one of the best rail apps to use is RailMitra. You can monitor the status without even linking an IRCTC account. Input your departure and arrival stations and the date of your trip, and a list of available options will appear.

In this section, you can view a list of trains operating along the route and information about seat availability in various coach types. The app stands out from the competition because search results cover all neighbouring stations. So, stops at Sealdah and Howrah will also show up if you’re looking for trains to Kolkata.

Further, if you find a train that works for your trip, you may see the train schedule (timetable) by tapping on the specific train result and selecting View Train Schedule.

Waitlist Confirmation

The lack of seats on Indian Railways has always been a problem, so getting put on a waitlist is par for the course when making a reservation. However, how likely are you to have your ticket confirmed? Even a minor possibility would be fantastic.

The app RailMitra displays the available seats alongside the likelihood of confirmation with up to 99% accuracy. You are given a high, medium, and low score based on historical trends. 

Type in your train’s number and the date you plan to travel on RailMitra’s website. In the search results, you’ll get details on the train’s coaches to see if an additional car will be added to your trip.

Online Food Booking

It’s important to consume food that is both safe and delicious. On the other hand, we are all familiar with the state of affairs in the train’s kitchen.

However, technological development has made it possible to order food from various restaurants directly to your mobile device. RailRestro and RailMitra are two examples of IRCTC-approved e-catering businesses that might assist you in getting the meals you crave while travelling.

To place an order, enter the PNR number into the app and tap the station where you’d want to be served. You can pay with a variety of methods, including online, cash on delivery, and wallets.

Live Train Operation Information

Many applications claim to show real-time train information, but the RailMitra app is the most reliable. Specifically, it provides you with a binary choice. If you’re currently on the rails, you may enter the train’s number into the app and get real-time updates on the train’s location and status via the phone’s built-in GPS system.

Just click the “Train Live Status” button to retrieve the live train running status data straight from the server even if you aren’t riding the train.

Next Station Alarm

Let’s say you’ve set your alarm for 4:30 AM in anticipation of a 5 AM arrival at your destination station, only to learn that the train is delayed and will take an additional 2 hours to get there. The Indian Railway Smart Alarm is useful for dealing with emergencies like these.

Select the Destination Alarm option in the app and enter the station you desire to exit and the distance in kilometres from that station (Overall distance from the station). In the future, you must set the app to periodically check the phone’s GPS and wake you up when you’re within the predetermined distance from the station.

In addition, you may rely on this feature entirely when riding the rails because it does not need access to the internet or even a network. You can obtain a destination alert notification 20 minutes before reaching the destination.

PNR Update Notification

It is so last century to manually check PNR statuses every day to see if your ticket has been confirmed when applications can now do it for you. Try the PNR status update on the RailMitra app; you must enter your PNR number and set an alert whenever you want to receive automatic updates.

In the background, the programme will check for updates and download any released since the last time you used it.

Platform Information

You should always know the platform the train is arriving on and whether there is a delay in the arrival time, whether you are picking someone up from the station or planning to arrive on one. We are all well-versed in the operation of the railway enquiry announcement and know that it is wise to rely on more than just announcements.

The Indian Railways Live Station Info, accessible through the rail enquiry apps, can rescue you in such a predicament. Enter the station name for which you’d want details by tapping the corresponding option.

Information such as which trains are expected to arrive at the station within the next four hours and any relevant announcements and timetable updates will be provided through the app.

Refund Estimator

Your refund will fall within a clear range that considers the type of ticket you purchased and the number of hours until your train leaves. On the other hand, the RailMitra app is useful if you want a straightforward resolution.

After checking a PNR, the rail app will detail each ticket’s cancellation fees and refund amounts.

Station-related Info

How well maintained the retiring rooms are at a specific station or where is the cloakroom located? These are some of the few questions that come to mind whenever we enter a new station. While asking for directions is usually a good idea, it’s not always possible due to the general commotion.

You may find useful information about a station, such as its cloakroom and platform information, in RailMitra’s station details section. 

This concludes our technology guide for Indian train passengers. Remember, a smartphone and a few applications can make every trip enjoyable. 

RailMitra has the most comprehensive collection of resources for those taking trains. Whether you need to book rail tickets, check your PNR status, or place a meal order, this app covers you.


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