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Among US Mod APK: What’s happening here? Something is wrong. Can you find the imposter yet? Well, yes you can. Get ready to build up a crew consisting of up to 10 members and find out your imposter as soon as you can.

Among Us Mod apk Detail

There should not be any traitor in your team, if there is, then you can easily find out with the help of your crew members and give him peace of your wrath. If you think you are up for all this fun. Then you can download Among Us Mod Apk from here.

App NameAmong Us APK
Compatible with4.4
Latest version
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Google play linkcom.innersloth.spacemafia
Size69.57 MB

Features of Among Us:

Among us provides you with a lot of features which you must check out before taking off in your shuttle. But there is no need to worry about the imposters. They are not here to create trouble for you. So, sit back and read with us.

  • You can win the game by two ways, you can both create your shuttle before the imposter creates hurdles for you and have a great flight, or you can search out all imposters in your space ship and wipe them all out.
  • These bug men can destroy all your plans and can easily interrupt your space shuttle architecture in no time. So, you and your crew should be able to work fast and manage to start your shuttle before these pretenders can sabotage your space ship
  • You will be able to get help from cameras and Live feed admin maps that your teammates and crew is fine and every member is onto completing the shuttle. If your crew faces any type of trouble, you will be prompted with an alert message on the map which you must keep an eye on for updates
  • When any of your crew members detects an imposter, they would try to fight it and may die accordingly after losing the fight. So, once you see any dead body, you should contact all your team members and follow any proof of imposter to wipe him out and to win among us online game.
  • You are able to conduct meetings with your teammates and discuss any type of misbehavior of any outside player which will help you detect your imposter quickly.
  • Once, you complete all the requirements for your space shuttle, you can sit and vote to decide whether who is the imposter and who is not to kick them out of the ship.

Many more features are about to come in Among Us online game, but for now, these features can be enjoyed. Moreover, practice makes you perfect, so, Play and make yourself better to compete and win this online game.


The graphics of among us MOD APK are not like any other games, the appearance and design are best suited to the gameplay. They are designed to provide fun, excitement, and suspense altogether. Graphics optimization is Among us online game comes to the standard of all general smart devices. It is optimized to run up to a maximum of 60 fps with the best-suited graphics options.

The game can easily be identified because of its visuals and animations. The simplest design of Among us gives it an elegant look and more enjoyable among all ages of people. It has the coolest atmosphere which allows the players to not get bored so easily from the game.


  1. Where can we play Among us?

Among us, online games can be easily played on Android and iOS devices. You can also play it on computers and laptops too.

  1. How to always be an imposter in Among us?

Among us mod apk provides you with a hack to always become an imposter and create hurdles for everyone. You only need to enable an option for an imposter in the game.

  1. Can you play Among us alone?

Well, Among us online game is supposed to be played with friends, because of that you get the availability to add up to 10 friends in your crew. But if you do not have enough friends available to add in your team. Then the minimum crew of up to 4 people can play among us easily.

  1. How to play Among us mod apk?
  • First you will have to go to the online option and then tap on Create a Game.
  • You must choose a map before starting the game and edit all the settings accordingly
  • A room code will be generated, which you will have to share with those friends who will play with you.
  • After entering the code your friends will be able to join in your team
  • Two options can be selected for the room, public and private. If your players are complete then you can choose a private room, but if you need players online to complete your team, then you can choose the public mode
  1. How to see through the wall in Among us?

Among us mod Apk allows you to use a wallhack. With the help of this hack, you will be able to see through the obstacles and win the game easily.

How to download:

Among us Mod Apk is known for its features. It unlocks all those exciting features of the game which you cannot access in the casual among us game. So, if you want to unlock all-new features of Among us and go to the space shuttle adventure with a lot of suspense then you should download Among us Mod Apk.

Steps for installation:

  1. Download Among us Mod Apk in your phone.
  2. Turn on allow installation of applications from this source in settings
  3. Tap on the application apk and hit install.
  4. After installation, just open the app and you are done.

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