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BombSquad Mod Apk 1.5.28 (Unlocked)

BombSquad Mod apk (Unlocked) is an epic bomb blasting game that gives a fantastic adventure of blasting your opponents with different types of bombs.

Maximum 8 players can join in the squad battle for enjoying the remarkable journey of the blasting game.

The player aims to capture the flag of the area to conquer the land. The player who is successful in taking the flag away from the final stand becomes the winner.

All the participants have to defeat each other for the flag by throwing bombs. They have to go through an irreverent blast on the place and stay protected from the explosion.

Information about BombSquad Mod Apk

APP NameBombSquad
Powered ByEric Froemling
Last Update OnNovember 2020
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BombSquad is all about capturing lands and taking an empire. It’s a battle between 8 players who come to challenge each other in the danger zone.

No special weapons are available in the game except the bombs. The winning probability depends upon the time of throw and escape.

The one who survives till last after blasting all the participants become the pro champion. The basic story indicates acquiring a place by defeating other players online.


BombSquad apk comes with well-optimized graphics to keep the attention of the player. The battle takes place in a different location which gives a new type of pleasure at the entry of every level.

The violent sports game is designed according to the law of physics and doesn’t deal to show any supernatural events. The player can run, jump and throw bombs upon other players to capture the land.

It also gives an option to change the soundtrack running in the background to provide a new refreshment while enjoying the battle. Players can customize the look of their characters to make it fresh again.

Feature of BombSquad Mod

BombSquad mod apk is a funny bomb blasting game with colossal fun and enjoyment. Some of the features available are the following:-

Different types of bombs to explode

The game has a massive collection of weapons to explore the area. The type of bombs changes concerning the level.

Different levels come with varied locations and testimony on each level. Ice bombs, colored bombs, sticky bombs, etc. are available to attack other players in the assault.

The characteristics of each weapon are different for every grade. Ice bombs have an outer covering that blasts after a few seconds of throwing into other players. Sticky bombs get stick to the hands and are very difficult to circumvent.

Gratuitous explosion on the place

The explosion of the bombs is the most attractive smudge of the game. The characters blew away on the air and flared with the weapon. The feel of crashing gives an extreme level of satisfaction and solace to challenge more participants.

The control buttons help to escape quickly from the bomb to stay safe from the boom. Explosion enhances the beauty of the location and creates a vulnerable scene.

The game also has different sizes of explosives to take down the opponent. The players can use big to small weapons to watch the effect.

New characters to apply

Players can take entry into the battle by choosing any of the desired characters available in the game. New characters like barbarians, pirates, and ninjas are available to choose from.

The collection range is vast to gain attention from the players. It also has a premium set of characters to launch in the battle. These characters help to enhance the look of the player in action.

All of the identities come unlocked in BombSquad mod apk. There is no need to spend money on purchasing premium styles.

Control the game from other devices

It’s a unique feature of the game that helps to draw the attention of users. The characters in the game can be controlled from the default as well as from an external app.

Players can connect their phones with other phones using the BombSquad remote app. The app is built to provide comfortable gameplay.

Users can connect it to the screened phone via IP or Bluetooth to enjoy it online and offline. The default control options is a little complex due to a lot of buttons and accessible feature.

Play the game on Android TV

BombSquad can also be played on Android tv. The game provides an external app named BombSquad remote, which helps to give the control buttons.

The app is designed to control the gaming characters. Players can easily take control of the chosen character in any of the levels without any issue.

They only need to connect the app with IP address to start controlling the game with an Android phone. It gives the experience of enjoying the game on Android Tv without any remote.

Download BombSquad Mod Apk Latest Version

BombSquad comes with great fun and enjoyment. The characters are quite entertaining to make you laugh. The collection of new levels and bombs makes it a comprehensive set to explore. It can be the game of choice for players who love to enjoy massive explosions.

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