Carrom Pool Mod APK 5.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Carrom Pool Mod apk is a simple, smooth game made with high physics. It is a multiplayer game that allows you to play carrom with your friends. The game is designed concerning the law of physics.

It will let you experience playing carrom like in real life. The player needs to select any of the random online players to start the game. The game also gives options to send an invitation to your friend to play matches.

The game rewards you more for spending more time inside the game. You can try custom tables and select stickers of your choice to bring more comfort during the gameplay.

Information about Carrom Pool MOD APK

APP NameCarrom Pool
FeaturesUnlimited Money
Powered ByMiniclip.com
Last Update OnSeptember 2020
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The game starts by giving you a carrom board which is placed on a table. The player is free to customize and change the design of color as per their choice. The strikers get arranged automatically after the ending of each match. You can decide which shade of striker to choose before the beginning of the game.

The smooth surface of the board will gently move the striker. The motion of hitting can be controlled from the control buttons given on the screen. A player can challenge any random player online to start the game.

Features of Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is a game set up to give an experience of playing carrom from any part of the world. It includes the following feature to explore:-

Smooth control and realistic physics

The given option is very easy to control. The game is made by looking into the law of motion so that the player can experience playing like a real match. It also gives the option to add the powder to the pool so that it will reduce friction and move your sticker smoother. The controls are available on the screen to hit the strike like a pro player.

Unlock stickers and pucks

New rewards are awarded for every winning match. You can unlock many more good-looking strikers after defeating the opponents. It has many other surprising rewards available for regular players.

They can get some daily reward bonuses by doing daily spin and playing trial matches. They also can unlock new tables for getting rid of the same type of interface. The game will not let you feel bored if you find someone who can compete with you better.

Available also in offline mode

You can also play it offline without the need for any participant. In this mode, your opponent will be the inbuilt software of the game. It has different gaming modes like easy to difficult to do a practice like a pro.

A new player must try this mode to get some new tricks of hitting the strikers. You can start with a secure method and move towards strict mode to increase your skill slowly. Once your hand sticks with the control button, go to online mode and defeat your opponents with your playing skill.

Try your luck with Golden shot

It is a particular type of feature that is available only in Carrom Pool. At every level, you get a few golden shots to try on the board. On successful hit into the holes, the player receives big surprising rewards. You even can win free victory with many exciting prizes. It is a bonus for weak players whose luck may sometimes help them to win the game.

Download Carrom Pool Mod APK v5.0.3 for Android

Carrom Pool is an alternative game for those who love playing carroms. The physical and virtual control of sticking are different in reality. But, still, it is made with many scientific laws to make it more realistic like a real carrom match.

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