Download WhatsApp Plus APK [Updated Version 2021]

Want to get the WhatsApp Plus apk on your Android smartphone? Then download the app first. You will not find the WhatsApp Plus mod version on Google Play Store. Because it is not the official app.

This app has been developed by another unofficial developer. The features have been extended by modifying the official app.

So, you can download this app from any external source. But we can ensure that our download link provides the real WhatsApp Plus Apk file. Which is fully safe & virus-free.

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?

We already mentioned that WhatsApp Plus Apk is the most popular and advanced mod version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus latest version is allowing its users to ignore all kinds of restrictions they faced in the official app of WhatsApp.

Not only that, but they also allow its users to enjoy tons of amazing features. Now you can change your theme, you can change your featured icon, Use new stickers, GIF files, etc.

So, you can enjoy all-new features along with those old features you used in the WhatsApp app. You can share high-quality pictures, high-quality videos, and any type of file with this amazing app.

We all know that Android users use modified versions of WhatsApp for getting some privacy or security-related features.

So that, WhatsApp Plus Apk has launched with so many privacy-related options. Such as, they allow you to hide your last seen, you can hide your blue tick, you can hide recording, double tick sign, typing status, and so on.

WhatsApp Plus Features 2019

WhatsApp Plus apk has so many new features than the WhatsApp official app. Which we will discuss below.

Privacy Features

Every WhatsApp Plus user use this app for so many new features which WhatsApp’s official version failed to provide. Privacy related features are one of the main desired features of those users.

All WhatsApp Plus users find a better privacy option than any other app. Because it allows you to hide last seen, you can hide your blue tick, double tick mark and so on which surely ensure better privacy.

You can surprise your friend by using these features like you are talking with them when is are being shown offline.

Hide Your Online Status: This app allows you to hide your online status and you can chat or message freely with your friends by showing you are offline.

Hide Blue Tick: WhatsApp shows the blue tick when you receive messages. But, you can hide your blue tick when the message is delivered to you. You can use this feature in group chatting also.

Hide Second Tick: When you delivered any messages, your friend can see a tick sign naming the second tick. You can hide that second tick also when you are delivering messages.

Hide Your Typing Status: In WhatsApp, everyone can see an indicator while you type any message. But, in WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your typing indicator.

Hide Your Recording Status: You can hide your recording status or message when you send any voice message to your friends.

Hide Blue Microphone: When you open your voice, your friend identifies you through a blue microphone sign. You can hide a blue microphone for contacts and groups. So that, your friends can’t identify you. Because this app will show you as offline.

Hide Your Status View: When you see your friend’s status in the WhatsApp app, your name appears in your friend’s status. In WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your viewed status. By which, your name will not show in your friend’s status viewers list. So, you can see your friend’s status without any footprint.

Built-In Locker: This is the new feature that has been added on WhatsApp Plus Apk. Because every user wants to get privacy in their personal space. In this feature, you can lock your certain conversation by PIN & Password. So that, no one can see your personal conversation without your permission. As a result, you do not need any third-party app to secure your conversations.

Anti-Revoke: By using this option, you can get your deleted messages. And you can protect your friends from deleting messages after being sent to you. This will work as a screenshot tool in your phone. This section will work as proof when your friend has deleted those messages sent to you.

Sharing Features

WhatsApp Plus Apk has launched with so many media features, by which users can comfortably use this app when they want to download any status and share anything. In WhatsApp, app users could not get those unique features. With this feature, users can share any file or picture by maintaining their quality.

Save / Download Status: Unlike other apps you can save any kind of favorite WhatsApp status in your phone. And you also can download videos and statuses from your friend’s timeline.

Share Files & Document: If you want to share any type of file like PDF, Doc, Txt, PPT, etc. Then, WhatsApp Plus is really friendly for you. Because you can share any kind of files or documents by WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Use of Camera: If you want to capture your picture and record video from your smartphone. WhatsApp Plus will allow you to capture and send high-quality pictures and videos instantly. No other apps won’t allow you to capture your picture and videos from your smartphone’s camera. Because they always allow compressed pictures and videos due to their shortage of capacity.

Use Gallery & File Manager: Unlike another app, you can choose & send your high-quality pictures, videos, and files from your gallery or file manager up to 100 MB. With this feature, you can maintain your picture and video quality. You do not have to compromise with the quality of your images and videos.

Send Audio Files: If you want to share your favorite and high-quality music clip with your friends from your local storage. You can easily send any type of audio files or music clips from your music player or file manager up to 100 MB.

Share Your Location: You can share your real-time location as a point on the map. This feature is totally unique among other apps. No other app has added this feature in its function.

Share Contacts: Contact number sharing is a very troublesome task in WhatsApp. Because individually selection of contact number and send is a very tough and lengthy task. But in WhatsApp Plus, you can easily select so many contacts from your phone and send them to your friends.

Theme Features

There are more than 1000 themes are available for WhatsApp Plus in this app. Users can choose their favorite and desired theme from the themes store.

Not only that, you can build your own theme by changing a lot of options like fonts, colors. Icons etc. You also can backup your own theme by sending it to your friends or using it to another device.

If you think that your theme is high quality and comparable with other themes, then you can send your theme to the authority or developer to add your theme in the theme store.

No Restriction About Compression of Images

As we know, which images we use or share in WhatsApp have to be compressed, which degrades the quality of images. But in WhatsApp Plus, there has no restriction about compression. That means now we have no need to compromise with the quality of images.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Apk on Android Smartphone?

We can confidently say that after knowing about WhatsApp Plus app and its amazing features you will eagerly want to download this app on your smartphone. The great thing is that you do not need to root your phone to install this app. But you also have bad news.

You can’t download this app from Google Play Store which is the most trusted source of Android Apk. Because the WhatsApp Plus app is a mod version. That’s why Google does not support it to take place on their Apk store. You can download this app from our site.

If you want to download this WhatsApp Plus app on your phone from our site, you have to follow our instructions given below:

#1 First of all, click on our download link to get the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus apk.
#2 If you get the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus app from this link, you have to press the download button.
#3 Once you download the apk file in your local storage you have to visit the security option from the settings and there you will get the unknown source option. Enable that option.
#4 Now drawback to your local store where you have saved the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus Apk file on your device.
#5 Click on that apk file and install.
#6 After finishing the installation process, open your app drawer and click on WhatsApp Plus app.

After finishing those steps, you can enjoy the unlimited awesome features of the WhatsApp Plus app. We can ensure you that WhatsApp Plus is the best and the ultimate mod version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus Installation Video Tutorial

If the above task is not clear to you or those steps are seem to be very complex to you then you can watch a video tutorial on our site. In that video, you can learn every step of the installation process.

We have added this video section only for your help. We all know that visual think we capture easily and early. That’s why this video will help you to easily understand the installation process.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Faqs – Know More About This App!

How To Download WhatsApp Plus App For Android?

Answer: You will find the download link in this post. If you want, you can also download it from the official site of WhatsApp Plus.

How To Install The WhatsApp Plus on Android Phone?

Answer: After downloading the WhatsApp Plus Apk file. Click on the downloaded file. The rest installing process is very simple. This installation process is the same as other Android app installations.

Is the WhatsApp Plus App Safe To Use?

Answer: It is safe to use. But we always appreciate to don’t using any unofficial app. Because you can’t claim the official authority for any damage.

Is Root Required For WhatsApp Plus?

Answer: No! You don’t have a rooted phone. Because you can use WhatsApp Plus without root.

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