Masking Print MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money)

Masking Print Mod apk is a cool & creative android app developed by KAYAC Inc., and you can easily download it via the play store freely. The android app masking print will boost your mind and creativity up to the next pro level.


This app is just 44.07 MB and, it also possesses the android friendly features. It is a pretty interesting and creative game that how the puzzles are created and then printed on the T-shirts in a very calm and smooth manner.

In this fantastic creative & interesting game, you need just to gather all the masks and then color all of these correctly to complete the T-shirts.

Size:61.97 MB
Android version:5.0 and up
Developer:Kayac Inc

In the masking print Mod apk, you have to create your unique styles then you are needed to print these on T-shirts. After these two steps, you have to sell your T-shirts to earn a good amount of money & to move to the next levels. You have to only choose a mask and a roller, then paint & drag them to make a nice T-shirt.


What makes the Masking Print apk, a well-known & quite an interesting game for the user. Let’s have a look at masking print apk features:

Puzzles on T-Shirts:

Some people are just addicted to puzzles. Have you ever tried to print a puzzle on a T-shirt? , may it seems quite awkward to those, who don’t keep much interest in puzzle solving.

But for those to whom puzzle-solving is just an addiction, it is not a new thing. You have just to choose masks & rollers, then you just need to collect masks and creatively color them.

Besides creating new designs, it will make your mind enough creative & proactive to adopt various styles of designs. So, here fun and learning are sides by side.

Pretty Graphics:

Graphics plays a crucial part in any app, and in the masking print Mod apk, you will find & see the fantastic 3D graphics here that are full of lively colors. The best part about this game is that it will boost your feelings to play & create new T-shirts. By giving them some pretty designs again and again. This app has been rated 4.30-stars according to the count of 4014 reviews.


The controls of this game are quite simple & easy to perform, you just have to select, drag, and print. So, here you will not find any complexity regarding the gameplay.

You will play this game smoothly without any obstacle in-between you & your gorgeous T-Shirt design. So, make your thinking creative & design some outclass designs; to beat all the rest and make a fine difference.


Undoubtedly, this game is a two-in-one offer, you will have learning & fun side by side. Don’t miss this cool app and enhance your designing skills to an upper & advanced level.

The gameplay of the masking print Mod apk is highly easy, and you have just to choose among the colors. To make your day much shiny, install the masking print app on your android and have a lot of fun.

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