Megapolis Mod Apk 5.50 (Unlimited Money)

Megapolis Mod apk (Unlimited Money) is a city-building game where the player needs to construct buildings looking into the economic rules of the market.

The player gets full rights to build a dream palace of his choice. It gives a chance to make a metropolis trance in the city.

New types of tools are available for creating an excellent infrastructure. New tasks like expanding mines, using natural resources, and extracting oil are present for developing the city.

The builders can create famous monuments like Efile tower, the statue of liberty, etc. in a town. The more excellent infrastructure built in the city, the more scores the player can grab.

Information about Megapolis Mod Apk

APP NameMegapolis
FeaturesUnlimited Money
Powered BySocial Quantum Ltd
Last Update OnJune 2020
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Megapolis Mod Apk gives full recourse to build a city of your imagination. Limited budget is offered for creating specific projects. There is no need to worry about cash or investment in the mod app.

Every tool comes unlocked in the mod apk for allowing an independent involvement in customizing appliances. The process continues until the player reached the next level.

The builders have to focus on making the base and then standing columns according to the design of the building. The research and planning department present in the city helps to give ideas for constructing a new tower.

Megapolis Mod Features

Megapolis Mod comes with a moto to improve your level of creativity in constructing buildings. Some of the features available in the app are the following:-

Line up monuments and creative buildings

The game is about making new buildings by combining old buildings. The builders can create an original design by combing the architecture of the Eiffel tower and the statue of liberty. Build skyscrapers to give an advanced look to the city.

Turn the town to the supreme grade by improving the design of the created monuments. Redesign public buildings like parks, malls, stands, etc.

by giving a new look. Megapolis allows enhancing your creativity level with the help of beautiful constructions.

Improve the urban infrastructure

The player has to develop the infrastructure of the city to the next level. Expand the design of the area by making ring roads, underground routes, cargo railway stations, and many more events by implementing the degree of creativity.

Focus on giving a new infrastructure by building an airport and narrow roads. Create buildings and roads by focusing on the future impact of reconstruction.

Industrial complex development

Make a new strategy for putting resources for construction in the industrial sector. Develop a system to deposit and collect resources to the construction area in a secure manner.

Choose to create factories in the nearby zone of work to get the supplies delivered by consuming very little time. Focus on becoming an industrial tycoon by developing new weapons and a military base.

Apply advance science

The player needs to take the help of advanced industrial tools available in Megapolis Apk to construct the buildings. Use new materials and modern scientific techniques to convey creativity to the next level.

Invest in survey boats to deliver resources from other areas. Advanced technology takes construction to another phase. The player needs to complete the work as early as possible by taking advantage of modern science equipment.

Win awards from the state

The game gives awards to the best builder in the state. The real-time state contest begins after taking entry for construction. The involvement of the builder in the construction zone will help to get up rank in the competition.

Final words

Megapolis Mod Apk is a fantastic game for creative minds. It makes a player very innovative and helps to develop an idea about designs. The dedicated players have to apply their creativity by taking the help of modern science to create beautiful monuments.

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