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Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod apk is a heavyweight mobile wrestling game that gives a real experience of fighting in a WWE match. The championship takes place among heavyweight champions on the wrestling ring.

The fighters can use different fighting skills and smacks to take down other performers. The player has to select any of the heroes before taking entry to the ring.

Physical details of players like weight, height, sinks, and other identities are displayed in the opening to let the player select their favorite wrestler. A referee is also present in the ring to continue the fair play in the game.

Information about Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk

APP NameWrestling Revolution 3D
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The game continues with well-optimized 3D graphics to provide addictive gameplay. More than one ring is available to fight between distinct heavyweight champions. All the winners are full of fighting abilities to defeat the opponents.

The control option is even more complicated as it is full of different options to use the moves. There are a lot of characters to fight, so it will give a different familiarity every time to compete with a new champion. Different wrestling modes like two men fight, group fights are vacant to provide a different level of joy to the game.

Features of Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D is the best game for WWE fans to enjoy the fight like their favorite wrestlers. Some of the features available to explore are the following:-

Take part in Wrestling career

The game rates every fight based on the performance of the wrestler. The one who gets the best rating becomes the pro player of the ring. It also promotes entertaining matches every week. Other players in the game can watch these matches to find the weakness among their moves to fight among the other wrestler in the ring. All are independent to choose the favorite character of their choice to stay longer in the ring.

Entry through backstage pass

A wrestler can choose their dream matches to fight in the ring. They have to compete with the God of wrestling or the immortals to become better pro fighters among the audience. The performance is decided automatically by the inbuilt features of the game. It gives a rating according to the type of moves used in the ring to defeat the immortals. The wrestler has to pass through the tutorial matches to know about the wrestler on the game.

Different Control buttons

The game has different control measures to last the wrestler long in the match. The player should be aware of using them to face the other wrestler in the ring. Users can click ‘A’ to attack, ‘G’ to grapple, ‘R’ to run, and ‘T’ to taunt the opponent.

All the controls are set looking into the first letter of the function. Other controlling options include ‘EYE’ to change the focus and click on ‘Clock’ to pause the angle anytime. The game also displays a health meter to view the health status of players in the ring.

Better performance in the ring

The wrestler can last long in the ring depending upon the heath meter. The performance also depends on the number of wrestlers challenging in the game. The wrestler has to master using the control option to stay longer in the ring. The game also has a premium option of upgrading some skills on the player. It improves the strategy of fighting in the ring.

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk 1.702

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a game that provides the experience of playing the role of a heavyweight champion to last longer in the ring. The total strategy of the fight depends upon the opponent and the controlling reflexes of the player.

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