10 DIY Home Improvement Tips for an Awesome Look

10 Best DIY Home Improvement Tips for an Awesome Look

You may have peeling paint, worn-out fixtures and old furniture for days around the house that you have been turning a blind eye to even though your heart desires to give them a facelift. Maybe you’re waiting for the season’s bonus or saving your money for something else and you really can’t shell out much from your pocket for your dream house renovation. For such cases, we are giving you some fabulous and easy DIY tips which you can use to transform places around your home and give them the much-needed attention they deserve.  All of them are budget-friendly and may not need any extra investments at all! Let’s take a look at 10 awesome DIY tips for giving your home a facelift:

#1 Use those unused corner spaces

A smart hack to transform any place in your house is to carve out storage space from the invisible and unused space. Corners are one such example. You can use floating shelves or a simple corner book rack to transform it into a place of utility. Such shelves are usually inexpensive and you can get them from your local stores. Other places where you can apply a similar hack are the under-stair space and closet areas. When it comes to a home improvement store Dubai provides many such options with low pricing that can serve both function and aesthetics.

#2 Paint it up yourself

You don’t always need a professional house painter or contractor to change the color theme in your house, especially, if it’s just some parts of your home that can undergo a magical transformation. You’ll find a lot of DIY paints available in the market with easy prep processes. Some may not require prepping at all. You can search for home painting ideas and once you’re clear about which part of the home you want to repaint, unleash your creativity. Make accent walls to make a space pop out. Use contrasts and neutrals with a creative bend to achieve a dramatic effect.

#3 Introduce indoor greens

Exercise your green thumb in your home interiors as well. There are many beautiful indoor plant options that can bring a flair of greenery inside your home. Small potted plants like succulents, bonsais and leafy plants look adorable indoors. If you’re a first-time plant parent, choose an indoor plant which is resilient and will not need too much care and maintenance. You can also use artificial greens and flowers. Use a plastic vine to wrap around your door frame or curtain rods. Simple ideas can bring beautiful transformations. While searching for such options, look up any home improvement store Dubai has to offer.

#4 Faux surfaces

If painting the walls seems too much work, consider creating faux surfaces using simple DIY methods. Adhesive veneers for a wall are available in beautiful colors and textures and are easy to apply. Vinyl wall stickers can also transform a corner or a blank wall space into a focus of interest. Use DIY shiplap backsplash for your kitchen or add a false brick wall texture in the living space for transformation.

#5 Let your home light up with natural light

Nothing feels better than a well-lit-up room. Often we forget that lighting up our indoors by using the sunlight can create a warm and happy atmosphere. If you can spare some bucks, consider redoing some window areas by replacing them with floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors that allow lighter inside your house. You can use skylights in bathrooms and attics. For budget options, consider replacing heavy curtains with blinds that can help you control the amount of sunlight peeping inside without totally shutting or opening the window. If you can use some DIY paint, you can paint the indoors with white or very light colors that reflect light and increase illumination.

#6 Make use of the basement and attic

These are overlooked and underutilized areas of the home which often serve the sole purpose of storing items. Use the attic or basement area for more functional purposes. It can become your kid’s playroom, an enclosed reading room, a room for pursuing your hobby like painting or music or simply make it an entertainment family get-together zone. If you can afford it, you can consider finishing the surface and floors of these spaces to give a more welcoming feel. A finished and floored basement and attic can also up your property price and will help if you consider selling it in future. Get creative and use them for purposes other than just stashing Christmas decorations or your wedding dress.

#7 Redoing indoor lighting

False ceiling lighting is in vogue but may need some considerable investment. Instead, try using single indoor lights to make a part of your house stand out. You can replace frosted and worn-out lights in your kitchen with an island light. Use flush lights in the foyer, staircase, living room, landing places and at turns in hallways. Single indoor lights need very less investment and can make a dull corner or spot into a beautifully lit ambient space. Opt for LED lights as they have a long lifetime and are inexpensive.

#8 Window boxes

This gives a classic European hanging garden look and is a budget-friendly option for an exterior makeover. Window boxes are attached to the window exterior and are decorated with flowering and fern varieties of plants. This will add a beautiful countryside feel from the outside. You can choose a pair of boxes that would adorn the windows on the sides of the main door or add more around the house if you can afford to maintain them.

#9 Simple DIY ideas for the kitchen

You can use some easy ideas which require low effort for your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, try using open shelves that use the wall space while giving enough breathing space and keeping things organized. It’s better than a cabinet which not only costs more but also, would look bulky in a small kitchen. If you feel the kitchen cabinets look worn out, try repainting them yourself. You can also fix some chipping or peeling by yourself that would remove an eyesore without much effort. Use DIY backsplash ideas like a shiplap inspired one to redo the old surfaces. Sometimes replacing the old containers and kitchen jars with better options can also do a small yet significant change to your kitchen look.

#10 Use mirrors to your advantage

Mirrors are used in many retail spaces to create an illusion of making rooms look larger than they actually are. They reflect light and can enhance indoor lighting. You can find some decorative mirrors or get second-hand vintage-looking ones to put up in the living space or staircase. Also, if your old mirrors are really stained and worn out, consider replacing them with new ones as a part of your home makeover.

So here we are, at the end of our 10 DIY tips for improving your home without splurging money on a complete renovation. You can try these tips for a new makeover within your budget and explore your creative side while you’re at it. If you’re looking for any home improvement store Dubai has many such stores with budgeted products you can purchase for your DIY makeover ideas.

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