The Best Puzzle Games For Android [FREE]

In this post, we have brought a collection of the best puzzle games for you that will help to increase your thinking capability also with a good source of entertainment.

Playing games on an android phone usually drain a lot of your time. But, still, a lot of games are there that gives you some value.

Puzzle games are best for giving relaxation to your mind and improving your thinking skill. It also helps to master your mind for solving issues in real life.

It is the reason for which puzzle games have grabbed different attention on the internet. Puzzle games allow to improve IQ level and also help to boost up your way of thinking.

Here, I am going to discuss the top 10 best Android Puzzle Games in this review

#1. Monument Valley

This puzzle game allows you to build beautiful monuments by taking the help of the necessary resources available in the game. The player has to build a strong base by using the resources and stand a significant monument by using bricks.

The player has to find the most genuine stones for giving it a unique design. The game is all about constructing stairs, fixing flags, pillars, etc. All this stuff in the puzzle game will improve your level of creativity.

#2. Mini Metro

It is a puzzle game that allows you to build metro routes in the cities of the USA. You have to keep making the metro routes one after another like Newyork, Melbourne, Hong Kong, etc. to develop the city. For every metro route, you have to assign a different colour.

The player has to join multiple courses in such a way that they don’t face collisions on their path. The game will end when a metro train will collide with the other trains. The game becomes more complicated after expanding the routes to more than two cities. It will make your brain sharper and increase your decision making personality.

#3. Sudoku – Sudoku Free Classic Puzzles

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game with more than one million active users all around the world. It is a game of patterns that don’t require any calculation. You only need to arrange the numbers between 1 to 9 in the square boxes.

The player needs to apply his mind to solve this puzzle and go to the next level. There are hundreds of standards available in the game to explore. You can play the game via both portrait and landscape mode depending upon your comfortability.

#4. Bridge Constructor Portal

This puzzle game is made with heavy graphics. The player had to construct bridges from artificial robots to save people from accidents. He had to join two bridges by setting up the most supportive column to connect the bridges.

The player has to swipe and drag two points for joining and making a clear route. The path needs to be created in such a way that the vehicles will not fall from the bridge. You need to use all the robots to make a supportive and robust bridge. The game can improve your thinking skill, and your mind will get puzzled in solving the connections.

#5. NYTimes – Crossword

It is a game of alphabets and puzzles that can improve your ability to find a word by looking into its highlights. The game holds a collection of thousands of words in all its levels.

It displays some letters in checkboxes, and the player had to complete the name by writing the appropriate word to match the notes. At every level, you get different and random words. All the words are linked with one another.

But, if you missed any of the terms from the sequence, the whole series will fail. It is a perfect game to improve knowledge in English by learning new words daily.

#6. Threes! Free

It is a simple puzzle for improving your mathematical calculations. The game starts with a simple square box, and you need to slide the table three times to get a number. The players have to arrange only the multiple of 3 in all the boxes to clear the level.

All the trick depends upon the sliding skill. A single wrong slide in the same will corrupt all your plans and make it difficult to win.

If the slides doesn’t work on first attempt then the player has to reverse the slide and go back for setting up a new number in an original box. The game will improve your ability to imagine the consequences in futures from your present step.

#7. Twenty48 Solitaire

This puzzle game has the same feature as a solitaire game. The only difference is that you need to solve puzzles instead of arranging cards. It generates different cards with some numbers written on it. The player has to apply his mind to organise it below the multiple of the above-listed number.

These puzzle games will help to improve your mathematical calculation speed. The game deducts your points for arranging the card in the wrong sequence.

#9. Dissembler

It is the most addictive puzzle game with less file size. The puzzle is based on matching similar colours for clearing the level. The player has to tilt the boxes like a door to check the proper matching of colours. The more colour you match, the more points you can grab.

This puzzle game is also supported in the low version of Android. The matching pair also get changed to some level where the player has to create an alternative design with colours to gain more points.

#10. Brain It On!

This puzzle game is based on the law of physics. The game is designed to check your ability to throw things in real life. The player had to draw some lines on the screen to catch a ball. You also can play basketball and throw it inside the hoop.

There is a lot of stuff available in the game that you come across in real life. This game will let you know to pick or to throw things from different angles. You have to work on your skill to throw a book on the table so that it lands perfectly on the surface. It also holds different physics training to give you some innovative ideas.

Final words

Puzzle games are the best way to refresh your mind. It benefits you by providing you with some skill and joy. All the games mentioned above are the most downloaded puzzle games in the play store.

One more benefit of playing puzzle games is that they don’t have high requirements of running in the high android version. Most of these games can be played quickly, even in low android versions.

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