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Chase Chrisley phone number is +1(321)202-2278. Below are the New Chase Chrisley phone numbers:

Chase Chrisley Phone Number

Old Chase Chrisley Phone Number +1(321)202-2278
New Chase Chrisley Phone Number +1(323)782-XXXX
2nd Chase Chrisley Phone Number +1(323)541-XXXX

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chase chrisley whatsapp number +1(323)782-XXXX

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  • He is being questioned on charges of tax evasion. Chase Chrisley is accused of obstructing the payment of taxes. They are charged with overdue taxes of $16,886.64 for the 2014 tax year, and have until 2026 to pay off a federal tax lien. Chase, on the other hand, dismissed the allegation, claiming that he was unaware of the tax policy and had no money for that particular tax period. His family has also been charged with tax evasion, facilitating the filing of fake tax returns and conspiracy to commit bank fraud.
  • Chrisley was born in South Carolina with a silver spoon in his mouth. Chase has a billionaire father, Todd Chrisley, and a millionaire mother, Julie Chrisley. Kyle Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, and Grayson Chrisley are his three siblings. Lindsey Chrisley was born to Teresa, the second wife of his father, whom he had divorced. Chase’s younger sister Savannah is close to him and is his accomplice in frequent crime.
  • Chrisley’s interests include styling and traveling, which he documents on his Instagram account. He has traveled to many places with his family and friends, but his favorite destination is London. As an actor, Will Smith is his favorite actor, and Jennifer Lawrence is his favorite actress. His favorite color is black, and he enjoys continental food.
  • Chrisley is dating Kayla Poojas, although he is not married yet. Lindsay Merrick and Brooke Nouri are his two ex-girlfriends. Chase appears to have had an eye on Kayla long after she posted a photo of her on Instagram, saying “I’ve been waiting for her for years.” Kayla has several pictures with Chase on Instagram, all of which show that they have mutual feelings for each other. Kayla previously dated Dak Prescott, which may explain why Chase had to wait so long for him.
  • He was involved in sports in college and high school. While in college and high school, Chase was a member of the athletic team. According to Highline, he aspired to be a baseball player when he was young. Chase’s desire to become a legendary athlete and baseball player was never fulfilled, as he shifted his focus to the world of entertainment, where he is best known for his role as a cast member of “Chrisley Knows Best”.
  • He is a tattoo enthusiast. Chase has a thing for tattoos, which has gotten him into a lot of trouble with his father. In 2016, he got a tattoo of a biblical passage, which his father did not approve of. Todd made it clear to Chase that he didn’t want him to memorize Bible verses with his body. As a result, his father offered him a $140,000 Range Rover on the condition that he would get rid of the $300 tattoo. Chase listened to his father’s advice and removed the tattoo in exchange for a Range Rover.
  • He enjoys being among animals. Pets are an integral part of our lives, with dogs serving as our most devoted companions. Chase loves spending time with animals, and his favorite is his dog, according to his social media posts. He once uploaded a picture of his dog Lilo to Instagram, describing him as his “baby”.
  • He has a good following on social media. Chase and his family are well-known on social media thanks to their antics on the reality show, which garnered a large number of followers. Chrisley has one million Instagram followers and 194 Instagram posts, while he has 293k Twitter followers. Chase, on the other hand, is not very attractive on social media, and some of his fans were unhappy when he did not respond to his comment at one point. Fans claim to love him, but Chase never seems to notice. Chrisley, on the other hand, persuades him about how much he admires and respects her. We learn about his lavish lifestyle and the progress of the show through his social media accounts.
  • He is a devout Christian. Chase Chrisley is extremely spiritual; He believes in the Bible and makes great efforts to follow it. Chase’s spiritual leanings seem to contrast with his nefarious lifestyle, yet there is no doubt that he is a staunch believer. Chase’s confidence can be seen in the pictures he posts on social media. He is constantly pushing to read the Bible and understand the path he should take. Chase’s pious mindset inspired him to get a biblical passage tattooed on his rib cage.
  • He is a Jay Z enthusiast. Chase not only loves acting and athletics, but also music, with rapper Jay Z as his favorite musician. Jay Z, like him, is an animal lover, and their interests seem to be similar. He can’t hide his admiration for the musician, and he enthusiastically responds to Jay Z’s social media posts and some of his songs. He believes that Jay Z is his hero, according to some random questions he was asked by USA Network on his birthday.

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