Chetan Rana – Background, Social Work, and Achievements

Chetan Rana is a well-established businessman in Delhi NCR. Along with that, he is also known for his philanthropic and charitable work all over.

Family Life

Chetan Rana was born and brought up in Bulandshahr which is a small town in Uttar Pradesh. In his family, his father was a farmer who was the only earning member of the family. Though his early days were not much solvent, his mother did many social works irrespective of all the situations. She had done some marvellous works in that area and people still remember her efforts till today. Since his childhood, Mr. Rana had a great influence on his mother on his mind. He idolizes her always and wants to become like her. He helped his mother in her social work. They get immense satisfaction by helping others.

Professional Career

However, the uncertain death of his father compelled him to join office. After finishing his Network Engineering Course at Meerut Engineering college; he started his professional life in an IT company in Delhi. Within a few years, he reached the top level of the company due to his diligence and dedication. However, he always wanted to do something of his own.

With that aim, he left his secured job and established his own company. Though initially, the company has very less employees, now it has more than 100 employees. The company started by Chetan Rana is a great success for the man. It is proof that, if you want to do something big in your life; you can achieve it. You only need dedication and hard work.

Social Work:

Today, Chetan Rana has become a well-established businessman. However, he has not forgotten his childhood dream of social work. Today, he is also known as a reliable and trustworthy social worker in his locality. He has done so many excellent things that can help many people. Let’s take a look at the social work done by Mr. Chetan Rana.

Chetan Rana has a very systematic approach to the job he does. He has seen his mother and is already aware of the things that any social worker face. He maintains a routine of activities so that everything goes smoothly.

He organizes camps for a different purposes. In the slum and village areas, he organizes a health camp once every month. In those camps, he arranges specialist doctors for the health check-up of the people living in those areas, especially the elderly, women and children. Along with that, he distributes over-the-counter medicines and supplements to the poor people of the locality who cannot afford the medication. He helps sick people to get admitted to the hospitals. He takes special initiative for the betterment of women’s health.

He also offers help to the students who want to study but don’t have the fund to continue it. He donates books and stationaries to those students so that they can have the opportunity to fulfill their dream. Moreover, he also arranges classes for the children to provide the basic knowledge.

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