Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK Download (Unlimited crystals)

Yes! We are talking about your all-time favorite, the Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK. We all are familiar with all-time hits and everyone’s favorite animated cartoon, Dargon ball.

This game is also based on the same animated cartoon character. Download the Dragon Ball Legends mod apk to experience the classic and intense fighting with other players from all around the globe and became an epic and extraordinary fighter in an all-new dragon ball apk.

App NameDragon Ball Legends
Compatible with6.0
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

The Dragon ball apk game is a card-based game where your character will fight out the commands that you are laying down on the screen. In this game, you will experience all the classic martial art fighting styles and much more than worth your time.

In this card game, you will have to collect the best power-ups and special moves along with that you will also enjoy your character fighting on the battlefield with intense fighting action and mesmerizing power attacks.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK Download

Dragon ball is an animated series of cartoons. This game is very famous and liked all around the globe. These cartoon series tell us about the journey of Son Goku’s and his passion for learning immortal martial arts.

He went to master with friends to study and learn martial arts. After he went to search the Dragon balls from all over the universe, through his journey, he met the villains and the evil character who dominates the world.


This comic series has a special appeal and thrilling and unique storyline, which makes this comic series so famous around the world with the best-selling comic book series. This acclaimed comic series is not renowned only in the books and movies the NAMCO BANDAI game developers also released this in a game named DRAGON BALL LEGENDS.

This game is developed and based on the plot of the original comic version, which allows players to participate in the thrilling and exciting journey.

Dragon ball legends apk built a plot to reinforce and restoration of the 12 universes. Without finding the strongest KING, KIA-Oh decides to organize the time event allowing all characters from different periods to join the tournament.

In this tournament presence of a unique character named “Shallot,” he is drowned in sleep for many years, suddenly woke up, and only remembered his name.

He met with the character “Zaha” and learned some information about the tournament. “ZAHHA,” told him that the winner of this tournament would get 7 dragon balls and also be granted a wish by the dragon.

After receiving this information from “ZAHHA,” he allied with “BULMA,” and “JACO” aimed to search for the strongest warrior. In the battle with “Raditz,” Shallot got defeated, but God destroyed the “Beerzu” to recognize his potential powers and qualities and ordered “Vegeta” to train the Shallot.

Now the main character in the Dragon ball legends apk Goku realized the strange things in the tournament. He allies with the Shallot to learn the mysteries of Kai-oh are hiding in the time event.

So with the support of his teammates, what you think Goku can win the title of champion in dragon ball legends apk? Know us in the comments below. Now, after the storyline, we will discuss the gameplay, characters, and other mod information.


The dragon ball legends apk is a role play game. In the battle, the player will choose the fighting skills and the power combos to defeat the enemy.

Each fighting skill that the player selects for his character will consume MANA, and when the Mana runs out, the player needs the Mana recovery skills or rely on other supporting stuff. Plus, Each battle will bring up three characters, and the player can select only one figure to fight against the enemy.

Each character has a terminable source of energy, and the character will die if the vibrancy is diminished. Players can select different characters for fighting the battles. You are required to destroy all three characters of the opponent team to win the final.

Well, the gameplay is simple with the optimized controller’s design. The game is user-friendly and fast. The character skills will be displayed on the screen, and the player can easily change the moment and direction by merely touching the screen.

Diverse Game Modes

There are two game modes

  1. Story modeAdventure mod
  2. PvP mode

Well, first, I will tell you about the story mode. In the story mode, you will experience the Event of Time in detail, as I mentioned above in the story of Dragon ball legends apk. In the story mode, the Event of time battles is designed in a puzzle form, and you need simply turn it over.

Now before I discuss the most exciting and Thrilling Adventure mod, just have a look at PVP mode. In PvP mode, you are competing with another player all around the world instead of beating IA, like in the story mode.

Now the most exciting and thrilling Adventure mode is here with all the fun and joy. The Adventure mode is the most favorite model in the dragon ball legends apk because this mode brings so many valuable parts to the game.

You will use these resources on different upgrades and power-ups to make your character stronger.


All the characters in dragon ball Legends are original like the comic series. You will experience all the unique characters in the game like you will find Son “Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa” and number 17. Additionally, the game introduced three new and future characters, which are “Shallot,” “Zahha”and “Giblet.

Shallot is the main character and has a hobby of fighting against the most influential characters in the tournament. The minor character Zahha only appears in the story mode. He is an unknown race and the very first to join the Shallot.

Another exciting aspect is Giblet, who is the stepbrother of “shallot” and only appears in story mode. Additionally, the owing player of these two characters has to fight Giblet in chapter two and chapter three, respectively, like a boss.

Classes Of characters

Different classes characterize all the characters based on their advantages and disadvantages. There are a total of five major classes along with two special classes which are as under:

  1. Red(RED)
  2. Yellow(YEL)
  3. Purple(PUR)
  4. Green(GRN)
  5. Blue(BLU)

The two special classes are

  1. Light(LGT)
  2. Darkness(DRK)

Now the two particular class’s characters have clear advantages in the top five color classes of the characters. For example, if a player chooses a character from the darkness, that character has an edge on all the other color classes, which are mentioned above but a significant disadvantage in the same league class.

Still, the Shallot (LGT) and Giblet (DRK) have the best players so far in the game. However, all the players have required the resources to upgrade their combat and defensive skills.

The updated characters became more substantial and improved in terms of defensive and attacking capabilities on the battlefield.

How to play Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk

The game will start in training mode, and you are in the Turtle School Gi and level up your Ki up to a certain point where you’re will face powerful opponents. After that, you will throw into the real action, where the more important things are at stake than simple training exercises.

Now it comes to being a pro and master in dragon ball legends apk; you will have to make sure that that you are fully aware and be a confidant of these helpful tips and tricks which are essential to winning the battles.

With every level up, you are required to upgrade your character because the game will become intense and challenging with every passing level, and make sure that you got the basics down first.

Learn the combat system first

Who hasn’t won any battle game simply bashing the hell out of the controls and hoping for the best? Dragon Ball Legends apk is a card-based game, works a little differently.

The game is worth spending some extra bit of time to master the combat techniques and to understand the combat mechanism. Learning effective and praise attack tactics will help you a lot.

In the Dragon Ball Legends, apk make sure that you’re fully aware of the basics of gameplay. Also, make sure to utilize powers attacks from the tutorial and have a few extra practice games before really setting out on your platform.

Send your team out on an adventure

we are talking about the experience you can send some of your team members out on an adventure to collect some of the extra loots. These loots are in the game for some additional badges that will defiantly help you in your pursuit. Keep doing this kind of adventure more often in the game; it will provide you the extra support in the advanced levels.

Stay sharp. You cannot use the character of your team in the battle that is out on adventure search. It is necessary not to send the core player of your team on an adventure just to make sure your strong defense.

Collect Dragon Balls

Some combat cards have a dragon on them, and once you collected all the dragon balls, you can easily defeat your enemy by using the rising rush move. This specific move allows all characters of your team to attack the opponent at once and carry out devastating damage against the opponent.

This move will not assure you of winning but making a considerable difference and bring you close enough to winning the battle.

Use the unique abilities of your character.

Throughout the contest, you will notice that the energy bar of your character increase over time gradually. As a result, you will be eligible to carry a devastating and shocking attack that can turn the table around. You just need to tap the energy bar when it’s full.

Ditch the Hero character in the beginning

The hero cast is the lowest class of the characters, and there are a lot of famous and familiar faces here from the story mode. You should not bother holding on to the hero characters if you want to succeed in the game. The leading roles are incredibly superior as compared to old school hero characters and can carry out extremely damaging attacks.

Play the story mode

You will have to start from the story mode and progress further in the game. This mod is not about Goku. Actually, in this mode, you will be helping the Shallot to bring his memory back and regain his position in the Dragon ball legends apk that how he is in the game.

Dragon ball Legends mod apk features

  1. You can enable/disable MOD & Multiplier set via configure file
  2. Attack Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. One Hit and Kill
  5. God Mode enable
  6. Unlimited Ki
  7. Unlimited Vanish
  8. No Character Cooldown
  9. Instant Win
  10. All Challenges Completed
  11. Dragon Ball
  12. Working in PvP + PvE

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