Smash Hit MOD APK Download (Premium/Unlimited Balls)

Enjoy all-time famous game smash hit mod apk from the casual games. Go to the strange journey in the Smash hit Mod apk to another extent.

Move forward with the exciting and calm music and shoot down every obstacle that they place in your way. Make sure the quick reaction before reaching the obstacles in Smash Hit premium Mod/Ultimate balls.


Apk NameSmash Hit
MOD FeaturesPremium, Unlimited Balls
RequiresAndroid 2.3


This game is perfect to practice your eyes and hand coordination. Release your powerful ball in Smash hit Premium to break the glasses that are blocking the way. Otherwise, all the adventure will stop immediately.

Further, you will find exiting the story of the Smash Hit Premium below.


The game players will come across a freakish adventure of the other dimension where you will force them to join the endless drive into the void. Here multiple obstacles are placed in your way, which is blocking your journey and forcing you to stop.

In smash hit premium mod apk, you will find some powerful ball that you will shoot on these obstacles to make the way. While moving in peace and harmony with the music while admiring the futuristic dimension, you will experience the realistic physic and addictive gameplay.


Some of the exciting features are as Follows.

Compelling and straightforward gameplay

The smash-hit Premium introduces all-new and addictive gameplay for its new game. You will experience the multiple levels of the bizarre crystallized world. The gameplay and the controls are effortless, yet you only have to shoot the ball on the crystal obstacles that are blocking your way.

Use the balls carefully since you have only a limited number of shots. The further you reach in the more challenges become hardened, and your real-time skills and abilities are tested in the smash hit premium game.

Convenient checkpoints

In the smash hit, a premium player is allowed to save their progress in different checkpoints. You have not to play the game from the beginning if you indeed fail at any level. Your set will resume from the previous checkpoint automatically. In this regard, you will save a lot of trouble. The player can easily choose the level of his choice from the start of the game.

Abilities and skills test

If the play finds the main game challenging to complete so he/she can take a skill training test to take a look at skills in the kill training mod. In the skill training mod, you experience the game in the severest form. There are obstacles from every direction with a limited number of balls. It is complicated but exciting.

Multiple boss challenges

Along with the multiple levels, the players in the Smash hit premium will find numerous boss challenges. Here in the ultimate boss challenge, the player will find the game in its challenging formats. Multiple obstacles will attack you from everywhere, and with the limited balls, it will be tough to pass.

Multiplayer game

If you are skilled and have confidence in Smash hit Premium, you can challenge your friends in the local multiplayer mode. Start from the beginning and move forward until you cannot do it anymore. win against your friends in exciting Smash hit challenges in the multiplayer mood.

Co-op challenge

The game also introduced all-new co-op features where you can enjoy the game with your friend and other different teams. In the co-op feature, you will play a different level altogether and find the game relatively easy. Not to mention it will always be fun to have someone on your back while facing the difficult challenges in the games, especially when you are facing the boss challenge in the smash hit Premium mod apk.

Multiplayer challenges with impressive Awards

In Smash hit, premium players are allowed to pick up multiplayer challenges for exiting awards and other achievements in the game. After completing the multiplayer difficulties, you will unlock different exciting loot packages.

Reach the higher score and compete on the leader’s board

If you are skilled and have confidence, so it is recommended for you to take the online competition. You will compete with the best gamer in the online contest for the highest scores in the game. You can also challenge players from all over the world, as you listed on the leader’s boards.

Completely free game

This game is entirely free and available on the play store, but you will have to pay for the Smash Hit premium package to unlock the full gameplay. But here with the Smash hit premium mod Apk file, you will get the entire, complete, and Premium smash Hit Premium game package free.

Just Download the Smash hit Premium Mod Apk file and enjoy the exciting and full gameplay. This Smash hit Mod Apk file can be easily downloaded. It will install on any Android platform, this modded version of Smash hot premium is entirely advertisement free you can enjoy free and full gameplay without any destructions.

Graphic and gameplay

The Smash-hit Premium introduces 3D graphics along with the addictive gameplay that you will not find on any other mobile game. The responsive interface and interactive environment make the game more exciting and exciting. Importantly the adjustable graphic setting of the game allows you to adjust the visual quality as per your desire. This specific, explicit setting makes the game accessible for low-end mobile phones.

Music and sound effects

You will experience realistic and accurate sound effects as you smash through the glass obstacles. The calm and relaxing soundtrack of the Smash hit premium will entertain you for hours.

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