Drift Max Pro Mod Apk 2.4.56 (Unlimited Money)

Drift max pro mod apk is a car racing game popularly known for its drift feature. The game is the favorite for those who love to drive their car while racing on the track.

Each of the motions in the game is made following the law of physics. It is, therefore, successful in giving the real enjoyment of racing.

Being more generous in size, the developer had loaded brilliant graphics to gain more attraction from the players.

The racing tracks on the game are copied from real locations like Tokyo, New York, Japan, etc. It doesn’t show the top view of the car while racing.

A player can sit inside the vehicle and see all the front and back views. The vehicles have rear mirrors present on both sides of the car for looking at the opponent.

Information about Drift Max Pro Mod Apk

APP NameDrift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game
FeaturesUnlimited Money
Powered ByTiramisu
Last Update OnNovember 2020
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Graphics and sounds

The game seems to be good enough to reveal the graphics. The feel of driving inside the car also appears to be very real. The inbuilt 3D graphics on the game is successful in giving stunning looks to the supercar. The sound of these cars kept precisely the same as the original car.

Much effort is given to gain attraction to the drifting feature. Players can do all the stuff available on a real car race. Those who are best in drifting have more chances to win the race.

Features of Drift Max Pro

The game has a different fan base on the play store. It is liked by those who want to see their car on-air while racing. Some of the features that a player can expect in Drift Max Pro are the following:-

Ultimate racing simulator

The game is successful in giving the virtual feeling of driving inside a car. All the controls of steering, wheels, and breaker are under the power of the player. He can see all the buttons right inside the vehicle.

It all depends on the player how best he is in using all these features. The tracks have no breaker so, there is no tension of slowing down in any situation. Players can enjoy the fantastic drifting experiences on U-turns routes.

Career mode for winning more coins

The game has a career mode for those who want to get rewards while racing. It gives gold, cash, bundle pack gifts for staying long on the track.

It has more than ten seasons and around 100 challenges that a player has to complete. This feature also makes it like a mission game, and players can fill their pockets.

All the collected coins and rewards help to purchase more parts for increasing the speed.  Players can use them in Drift Max Pro for doing modifications in the car for boosting their speed.

Online multiplayer mode

Currently, it supports one vs. one mode for playing in a multiplayer mode. Players can send invitations to their friends to challenge them to race.

It helps to decide who is a pro racer in the game. It also supports a social share button from where players can share the details regarding the racing match.

Customization and configuration

The player can design their dream drift car by using the given features of the game. Customization is possible by changing the door and hood decals, caliper color, suspension height, window tint, etc. It also has upgrade booster and tunes to manage the sound of the car while racing.

Download Drift Max Pro Mod Apk v2.4.56

Drift Max Pro is quite a different game from the Asphalt series. It makes a player feel more surprising by it’s drifting feature. It also can be played in offline mode and have no restriction of any playing limits.

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