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In our post today we will show how to download and install an awesome mod that gives unlimited diamonds in your game without having any additional payments or subscriptions attached with it so what do ya say?

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You and 50 other people are thrown into an island where the only way to survive is by shooting anything that moves. The player with the most points at end of the game wins.

The only motive for survival is to emerge as the sole survivor after 10 minutes of nerve-wracking gameplay.

If you think that players are enemies, then you wrong because this game genetically modifies and hypnotizes them into creating tough hurdles throughout their journey on the island.

The Garena Free Fire Mod Apk is a popular mobile game that’s similar to PUBG. The catch? You can’t hack into the APK, but luckily for you, there are still ways of obtaining unlimited diamonds and coins!

With this free download available on Google Play Store (versions 1-4), it works smoothly with any android device; in fact, we think they make playing more fun than ever before as players will soon find themselves collecting wealth like never before.

Information about Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

APP NameFree Fire Mod Apk
FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds & Coins, Auto-aim, Wallhack
Last Update OnSeptember 2020
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The players are all given a unique mission before descending into the jungle. Their goal is to find their way onto an island and survive for 10 minutes in order to win!

50 people from around the world have been stranded on this remote part of Earth, with only one rule: stay alive long enough so that you can compete against other teams in special missions designated by “Survivor” – but don’t forget about your duty as well.

If someone else falls victim while trying reach safety themselves then they must warn any nearby teammates notifies them when it happens again or risk being eliminated next round because no help will come anytime soon after hearing both parties scream out at each other simultaneously during combat rounds

The garena free fire mod allows you to play with your buddies and readily springs up the live voice start once the game has begun.

Display and Controls

The free fire mod apk is a user-friendly, yet challenging game. The fluid controls give you the competitive edge over all other players as it provides an immersive feel with graphics that are life like and realistic.

The mod makes running, sprinting, crouching, jumping, pron-ing, or attacking in a matter of a single feather touch.

The interface plays a vital role – either makes or breaks the play. So, the mod took care of it and offered a smooth transition, whether zooming into the map or quick scoping.


Almost everyone hesitates to buy advanced weapons, diamonds, etc. with your hard-earned money just to be cooler and an ace in the game.

The mod version comes to your disposal with unlimited characters, weapons, skins, and all other unique items, irrespective of levels.

The free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds offer you tones of diamonds, which is something everyone longs to be a pro.

You can get unlimited access to AWM, Scar Light, M16A4, M4A1, and other several snipers, shotguns in an abundance manner. You will get infinite gears to protect yourself like, helmets, ammo, armor sets.

Long story short, it allows you to benefit from everything and owns all the in-app purchases which are kept away from you. You can download the mod and enjoy the thrilling of surviving for real.

Game Specifications

The technical requirements of the device are, it should be Android 4.0.3 & Higher with storage required of about 65 MB.

The mod is developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED, and offering the latest version v1.47.0. The key features include that it doesn’t require rooting the device, along with unlimited health, ammo, coins, and diamonds.

Download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk for Android

First, they have to download the apk file of Free Fire APK as well as the OBB file. The OBB file will contain the whole game’s data. Players have to download both files into their android devices from the given links below:


We can conclude that, with all the unlocked in-app features, you can get the edge over the rest of the opponents. The battle royale game’s mod version also provides a higher notch of graphics – more engaging, more intrusive.

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