Know When Your Website Is Due for Redesign

Many believe they are done with their work once they have designed and developed a website.

Websites, however, require ongoing, routine maintenance and redesign.

At the very least, a website should load and show content correctly, but it also needs to present information clearly and engagingly to encourage user involvement. Your website must be modern in the age of instant gratification, both in terms of functionality and appearance. 

The best website designers in Canada suggest that if your website is outdated, incompatible with all of the most popular browsers, or not SEO-friendly, then it must be redesigned accordingly. 

A potential client or customer’s first impression of your business is frequently via your website. While they might not notice if your website is current with the most recent web design trends, they will undoubtedly notice if it is slow, stale, or reliant on outdated features.

Not only will customers notice if you need an update, but many factors that deter potential customers can also hurt your search engine rankings, making expanding a business even more difficult. 

Let’s examine how to determine when a website redesign is necessary:

Website Takes Time To Load:

One of the most obvious indicators that website redesign is due is when it takes a long time to load. People no longer have to wait for slow pages because of the competition and information provided elsewhere.

Use Speed Test to check how quickly a website loads to see how well it’s doing and determine whether a redesign is necessary. To ensure that your website loads quickly on various platforms, test it on desktop computers and mobile devices. 

Website Is Not Mobile Responsive:

Mobile functioning is a crucial ranking feature in search results because most browsing is done on mobile devices, much like page load times are. You’re losing customers and visibility if your website isn’t mobile-friendly

First, examine the display of the photos, the readability of the text, and the clarity and usability of the buttons and navigation on a smartphone. Can customers quickly purchase something or fill out a contact form?

Next, check your website analytics to see what proportion of visitors use mobile devices. If it’s less than 50%, it can be because your site is challenging to use. Your business may benefit from a website redesign that prioritizes mobile users to boost leads.

High Bounce Rate:

Check the bounce rate in your analytics, whether you’re using Google Analytics or another tracking system. This demonstrates how frequently visitors abandon your website after only viewing one page. Next, look at the average number of pages visitors view throughout a visit. 

A more than 70% bounce rate indicates that your website isn’t engaging users and encouraging them to explore other pages or hunt for additional information. 

When you redesign your website, you can frequently expect a decrease in bounce rates, an increase in pages per session, and longer periods spent on the site, all of which increase the likelihood of conversion. 

To Improve User Experience and User Interface:

A website’s effectiveness and speed are crucial. Visitors want to be able to locate what they’re seeking easily and quickly, just as load times are essential to UX. If they can’t discover what they’re looking for or the conversion process involves several steps, they’re likely to go on to a rival.

Users must be able to quickly identify what they need, purchase, subscribe to, and request information without the need for outside assistance. It could be time to talk to a web design company about freshening up the design if your website receives a lot of traffic, but conversion rates are low and steadily declining. 

When Your Social Media Shares are Dwindling:

Social media postings and shares account for about 26% of website traffic, frequently higher for e-commerce sites. Your website may not look appealing if your social media updates are taken directly from it and don’t receive any engagement.

An old website won’t have the necessary eye-catching content for images, previews, and shares to “pause the scroll.”  To generate more high-quality shares and increase new traffic, update your website and enhance participation on social media. 

You’ll lose potential consumers and clients if your business doesn’t have a functional and presentable website. While updating your website can help, working with a reputable web design company that can redesign it so that it better represents your brand, will offer a fantastic user experience, and is search engine optimized can change the way you conduct business and put you on a more direct path to success as we advance.

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