What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a permanent makeup technique, which is achieved with the implantation of small pigment particles below the surface of the skin, intended to correct and beautify facial features (lips, eyebrows, eyelids, etc.) or body features (scalp, creation of mammary areolas after a mastectomy, concealment of scars or depigmentation problems).

Based on the art of tattooing with which it shares its durability, it only requires annual maintenance to assess the condition of the treated area and decide when to carry out a review. The reason why it is essential to choose a good professional is to optimize and beautify our natural features. This pigment will remain in the skin for a number of years, and over time it will progressively break down and disappear, although the longevity of the results will depend on the age and type of skin.

It is an innovative cosmetic procedure in which color pigments derived from iron oxide are deposited in the dermis, that is, the middle layer of the skin.

If skin health issues or any physical condition hinder makeup application, micropigmentation helps to offer a long-lasting treatment. Micropigmentation is perfectly suitable for both women and men.


Micropigmentation VS Tattoo

We have to bear in mind that although the tattoo is effectively the basis on which Micropigmentation is developed, they are two different techniques that also pursue different purposes. So while with the tattoo the objective is to promote a change in the color of the skin in which a drawing, a figure, or a text is created.

In micropigmentation, the objective is to improve and beautify facial features according to the tastes and needs of the clients, as logically advised by the Micropigmentation Technician.

The most demanded treatments are the Micropigmentation of the lips and eyes as well as the Permanent Makeup of the eyebrows.

Micropigmentation in paramedical treatments.

Vitiligo: As it is depigmented skin, micropigmentation NJ can be done to improve the color and thus match the different areas.

Mammary areolas: It is about concealing the scars produced by breast augmentation or reduction surgeries. It is also used to make a new areola in the case of a breast mastectomy.

Scars: Micropigmentation is done to hide the scar when the difference in color with the rest of the skin is important. The best hookup at this site.

In short, Micropigmentation allows us to correct small imperfections and highlight and beautify our facial features. Helping us maintain an impeccable image 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event that, for some circumstances, it had to be drastically eliminated, it is only possible with certain types of lasers.

How about having perfectly groomed eyebrows, well-lined eyes, and luscious lips even after getting up in the morning or working during the day? Micropigmentation promises to keep your makeup in place without anything affecting it. Keep reading and find out what micropigmentation is from Clínica Navarro Viana.

Applying makeup to enhance your best features isn’t always feasible, especially if you have any conditions that make it bothersome. If this is your case, you can find micropigmentation as a permanent solution to your problems. So if you’re considering this procedure, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Eyebrow micropigmentation

Times have changed and aesthetic medicine techniques too. Instead of the startlingly dark brows, you may have seen in the past, the modern brow micropigmentation technique simulates individual hair strokes for a natural look.

Permanent makeup artists use a super fine pen to deposit pigment directly under the skin.

Who does it work for?

If making up your eyebrows is a crucial part of your beauty routine, you may want to consider micropigmentation.

This is a procedure approved by certified doctors. It is an ideal treatment for the restoration of the eyebrows. There is an important advantage of performing micropigmentation in a Clinic like Navarro Viana, doing this work in a doctor’s office can help to obtain better results since it is carried out taking into account all the aspects of the facial analysis that only a specialist can provide.

How long does it last?

Micropigmentation fades over time. You should return to your esthetician after 12-18 months for a touch-up.

Exactly when to go back is up to you: pigments are designed to fade slowly over time, so it’s personal preference when to touch up once the color starts to fade.

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