What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is also known as permanent makeup. Thanks to this facial treatment, you can harmonize the lines of your face to make it look more balanced.

This treatment achieves an immediate makeup effect with a very natural result. Therefore, it is perfect for those who do not have much time but love to always be groomed with minimal effort.

Scalp Micropigmentation helps you maintain a perfect image. It prevents you from having to put on makeup every morning and, in addition, if you want to fill in small gaps in your hair or outline your eyebrows, it is also perfect.

The result is similar to a tattoo since pigments are applied to different parts of the body (lips, eyebrows or scalp is common). These pigments are implanted in the dermis and are usually hypoallergenic, so the probability of suffering an allergic reaction is minimal.

Types of micropigmentation

Most often, micro pigmentation is performed in the following areas:



Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. They define you. By taking care of them and having them perfect, your features will look radiant. You can repopulate them, change their shape or add volume to have an incredible look. Thanks to micro pigmentation you will rejuvenate your look.

After a month of treatment, your skin will be back to normal. However, you may need to do a little retouching because some pigment remains unfixed.

Can you imagine the comfort of always having perfect eyebrows on the beach or in the pool? Well, in addition, you can also always wear an impeccable eye line and a very expressive look.


What is capillary micropigmentation? It is a very sophisticated specialty of micro pigmentation that offers you a natural sensation at the hairline. It is done directly on the scalp to cover the scarcity of hair in certain areas.

For many people, hair loss represents something very traumatic. Thus, capillary micro pigmentation is a technique that many men use to reduce this condition.

Visually it gives a magnificent image, since it darkens, the appearance is natural and it does not fade even if you sweat or get wet.


Micropigmentation of the lips is another of the most popular treatments with this technique. It is one of the most demanded not only among women since men also join this technique.

What you are going to achieve with it is a very natural definition of your lips. In addition, if you wish, you can get the feeling of increased thickness.

In this treatment, it is important to make a perfect design for your lip, define the contour well and correct any possible asymmetries. Depending on the shape and color that is given, small changes can be achieved in your face. For example, you can soften the jaw or get a more or less pronounced nose.

We recommend that you choose natural colors that are as similar as possible to the mucosa of your lip. Thus, avoid brown tones, which tend to darken over time and become too intense and dark a color.

On the other hand, if you are not always going with makeup, we recommend that you choose a tone that is not very natural. So you can always look ideal, regardless of whether you eat, kiss, or drink at any time of the day.

How long does micro pigmentation last?

Although the technique is known as “permanent”, it is more accurate to say that it is semi-permanent, because the treatment lasts several years. Exposure to sunlight can reduce color strength and resistance. Another factor that also influences aging, which can also discolor makeup.

However, it can last between 2 and 5 years with proper care. Even so, after the first year or a year and a half, it is sometimes necessary to perform a color touch-up.

Difference between microblading and micro pigmentation

These makeup techniques are widely used for eyebrows because they frame the look and give you personality. Both options are perfect in cases of blurred eyebrows or with little hair. But they are also a great option to redefine them and add more volume or symmetry to your eyes.

But these two treatments are not the same. So what are the differences between micro pigmentation and microblading ?

In the case of micropigmentation, we speak of permanent makeup. To carry it out, a demographer is used. This consists of a pointed needle with which the hair is drawn and another with 3 or 5 points to fill or shade.

Oil-based, hypoallergenic pigments are used, which are deposited in the outermost layers of the skin. Treatments on the areola of the chest, lips, eyebrows, and scalp are usually common. Depending on the type of skin, age and care applied, it can last about 5 years. Although some people get a slight touch-up every two years to always look perfect.

In the case of microblading, we are talking about semi-permanent makeup. To carry it out, a small metal pen or Tabori is used that resembles a scalpel. With this microscopic cuts are made in the skin, where the pigments are deposited. The difference between this pen and micropigmentation needles is that it is much finer.

This new technique offers you very natural results for about a year or a year and a half. The pigments are deposited in the basal layer of the epidermis, the most superficial.

Which to choose: micropigmentation or microblading ?

Both techniques are similar. The main difference is in the tool used and the duration of the result.

Some experts point out that microblading is more natural and that the hair is hardly different from the drawing. Others indicate that the definition of the stroke, the naturalness, and the beauty of the result depends on the skill of the professionals who carry out these techniques.

If you’re after very realistic brows that don’t last long, choose a good microblading professional. But if you are looking for a more definitive solution, perhaps micropigmentation is your thing.

The professional you choose will also be able to help you opt for one technique or another, taking into account the state of your eyebrows.

Did you already know micropigmentation? We hope we have resolved all your doubts about it. Stay connected with our information channels to stay up to date with all the latest health and beauty news.

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