Treat Erectile Dysfunction with the best Scientifically Approved Ayurvedic Medicines.

A multi-dimensional and one of the most treated sexual problems is Erectile Dysfunction, and it involves any type of alteration with any component of the erectile response, including organic and psychological ones. If a person cannot maintain his erections during sexual intercourse, then it is said that he has Erectile Dysfunction.


A person is said to have ED issues when he is having the following issues:


  • If he is not able to get erections on a regular basis when he performs sexual intercourse.

  • If he is able to get erections but faces difficulties in keeping it for a longer duration.

  • If a person is not getting erections at all.


The other most common name for ED is Impotence. Erectile Dysfunction is now a worldwide issue, and people are consulting doctors and sexologists in India to get over their erection problems. There are many ways through which one can get over your ED problems, and one of them is through Erectile dysfunction medication.


Ayurvedic is amongst the old traditional medical stream that has treated almost every problem, whether it was major or minor. And today also people rely more on ayurvedic as compared to any other. Using herbal medicine, you can treat Erectile Dysfunction as well. Herbal medicines can enhance sexual stamina and endurance to make intimate relations better for each couple.


The Most-Popular Ayurvedic Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction

As we already mentioned, Ayurvedic Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction are considered best for treating any medical problem, including sexual dysfunction like Erectile Dysfunction. ED is known as “Manasa Klabiya.”

Vajikaran is one of the best treatment modalities in Ayurveda that offers the highest benefits when it comes to enhancing sexual stamina and erections. Financing for Affordable Housing through these types of treatments, one can overcome various disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and infertility as well.

The essential hub for treating erections in Ayurveda is Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera).

L-arginine is an amino acid found in the body, and its intake helps in improving the blood flow and releases growth hormones that result in longer and firm erections. L-arginine helps in making nitric oxide in a body that relaxes blood vessels and ultimately blood flow for better erection and sexual functioning.

Panax Ginseng, known as the herbal Viagra, is the most effective herb for people with high lipids in their blood and have metabolic syndrome. The main element in Ginseng is Ginsenosides that perform the main task of improving the erection problem in males. It improves lung infection, blood flow – in fact, all the characteristics that can eliminate ED.


Yohimbe is a natural element extracted from the African Yohimbe tree’s bark- the reason it got its name. Studies have shown that this element has some positive effects when it comes to eliminating erection issues from a body. If you want to take Yohimbe for ED issues, then it is advised to consult a doctor first.


Are you looking for a platform that is dedicated to only sexual healthcare and well-being? If yes, then Ohman. in is the one for you. Ohman is the platform where you can find all types of traditional herbal and ayurvedic medicines for sexual health and wellness. Any type of medicine that is made for treating erectile dysfunction is scientifically approved and recommended by top shot doctors worldwide.

Here are the leading medicines that are clinically proven to be the best for Erectile Dysfunction issues-

1. Oh!Man Herb Mix Tablet


Herb Mix tablets are the best and highly effective ayurvedic medicine forErectile Dysfunction. By a regular dosage of 3 tablets in a day, you get the medical benefits of Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Ginsberg. You can improve your sexual stamina, duration of erection, and sexual endurance by taking a Herb Mix Tablet.


Price- ₹995


But Herb Mix Tablets Now on Ohman.



You can buy this tablet from an online as well as offline store without needing any medical subscription. People who undergo organ transplants are advised not to take Herb Mix.


2. Tongkat Ali


The liquid Tongkat-Ali comes in the packaging of 100 ml in the strength of 1:20; Tongkat Ali can boost Leydig cells in your body that make your body stimulate SHGB (Sex Hormone-binding globulin). The specialty of this element is that you can take it as a dietary supplement. People prefer taking Tongkat Ali because it comes with no side effects and after-effects. But some people had faced issues like insomnia and agitation.


Price- ₹1890

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3. Korean Red Ginseng


The worldwide recommended ayurvedic medicine for treating ED issues is Korean Red Ginseng. You can buy a sachet of 30 tablets that latest up to 3 months. Intake of this medicine on a regular basis will help you overcome fatigue, depression, and stress. Taking Korean Red releases nitric oxide in the body that improves blood flow and, ultimately, the erection. It is the first choice by leading doctors and sexologists in India, and you can buy it with or without a medical subscription.


Price- ₹1800


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Take Away from The Blog

People are nowadays opting for Ayurvedic medicines for Erectile Dysfunction and treatment as it comes with minor side effects with better recovery rates as compared to allopathy. The results shown are somehow slow, but their impact on the body lasts long in a man’s body. There is 1 man out of 5 in India who struggles with erection or other sexual issues that look for ways to improve their sexual health. And herbal medication is the best way to improve that. The last choice for choosing your way of treatment is you, but taking advice from experts can help you in several ways. You can always ask a sexologist or sexual health doctor to get guidance over what is your ideal treatment.


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