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Top Magento 2 Extensions to Help You Win at E-commerce

The purpose of any Magento 2 store is to earn maximum revenue from across the places. With the increase in the world of online shopping, having an eCommerce platform is a must these days. eCommerce platform offers convenience to the users to shop from wherever they are. Hence, it has become very common for store merchants to have an eCommerce store. When it comes to eCommerce store merchants have two choices, they can either choose Magento or Shopify. Most of the store owners end up choosing Magento as it is an easy to use, scalable and highly flexible platform to use. 

Magento offers incredible features that are perfect to run an eCommerce store successfully. But, the functionality of the store can further be improved with certain Magento extensions developed by Magento experts. There are a number of extensions that are already developed and they offer common functionalities that may be needed by different businesses. But furthermore, if you want to add a specific functionality on your Magento store then you can get it developed by a Magento extension development company. 

Having extensions on a Magento store not only makes it functionable but it also helps in making the overall user experience better on your Magento store. There are extensions that help in making things better for the admin as well as for the store visitors. Some extensions make the management of the store easier for the admin. If you are looking for extensions that make things easier for the admin to manage, extensions like Auto Invoice and Shipment Extension,  and Login As Customer may be beneficial for you. But if you want to make things easier for your customers, you can add extensions like Chat on WhatsApp, Share on WhatsApp, Promotion Bar and more. 

Below mentioned are some Magento 2 extensions that can help in improving customer experience and will help your eCommerce store perform better.

Top Magento 2 Extensions to Help You Win at E-commerce

The goal of any eCommerce store is to earn as much profit as possible. Hence, you must install certain extensions on your Magento 2 store. Below mentioned are some magento extensions that can help your eCommerce store perform better.

Auto Invoice and Shipment Extension

Adding an auto magento 2 auto invoice & shipment extension to your Magento store can be very beneficial for the store admin. This extension can help in auto generation of shipment and invoices after the payment process is completed successfully. By installing this auto invoice and shipment extension on your magento 2 store, you manually reduce your task of generating invoices and shipment documents. This reduces the chance of any human errors in case of many orders at once. Thus, all these reasons make this extension an amazing choice for Magento admins. 

Guest To Customer Extension

Many people don’t like shopping online because of a lengthy registration process. A long process of registration makes many customers abandon their shopping carts. Hence, offering an option to your customers to check out as a guest and registering them after the place their order can be beneficial for the store admin as well as the customers. By installing a guest to customer extension on your Magento 2 store, allow your customers to shop without registering and you automatically register them as your customers when the purchase is completed. 

Chat on WhatsApp Extension

Chat on WhatsApp Extension for Magento 2 can be a great addition to your Magento 2 store. This extension gives your store visitors an option to chat with the store admin on WhatsApp. By giving your store visitors this ability you can be sure of building mutual trust with your customers. When the customers reach out to you before purchase, Chat on WhatsApp extension gives an ability to have a discussion before making a purchase. This helps in reducing any sort of confusion and helps in building mutual healthy relationships with the customers. 

Share on WhatsApp Extension

Share on WhatsApp extension for Magento 2 can be very beneficial for your store. This way you can allow all your store visitors to easily share all your products or their favourites with their loved ones on WhatsApp. This extension can be a great option when it comes to indirect promotion of your offerings and easy customer experience. 

Promotion Bar Extension

With a magento 2 promotion extension you as store admin can easily promote all of your deals running on the store. It allows the admins to effectively display all the notifications, promotion campaigns through the help of small bars on the top of the pages that can be beneficial to attract the customers. Promotion bar extensions can work very well to draw customers’ attention and improve the store revenue. 

Above mentioned are some extensions for Magento 2 that can be added to your store in order to improve the functionality of your store as well as to make your website visitors’ experience better on your eCommerce store.

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