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black muscle phone number

Kali Muscle’s phone number is +1(510)842-5361. Below are the new Kali Muscle phone numbers:

black muscle phone number

Old Kali Muscle Phone Number +1(510)842-5361
New Kali Muscle Phone Number +1(510)318-XXXX
second black muscle phone number +1(510)210-XXXX

black muscle Whatsapp Number

kali muscle whatsapp number +1(510)318-XXXX

black muscle Home Address

Address of Kali Muscle House Oakland, California

black muscle E mail ID

black muscle Website

black muscle social media profiles

Instagram ID @kalimuscle
Number . Instagram followers in One billion
facebook page @RealKaliMuscle
number of facebook followers 5 million
Twitter ID @ black muscle
number of twitter followers 62.7K
Youtube channel black muscle
Number of Youtube Subscribers 2.54 million
tiktok account @thekalimuscle
number . i tiktok followers 7 million

black muscle facts

  • Kali Muscle is an actor, bodybuilder and content developer from the United States. The LMFAO: Sexy and I Know It music video as a bodybuilder (2011), The Dog Who Saved the Holiday TV Movie as Mickey (2012), and the Raising Hope TV series featuring Brett are some of Kali Muscle’s best-known Roles (2014). In the year 2020, he will be seen as Bones (an action drama) in Bullet Ride.
  • Kali was born on February 18, 1975 in Oakland, California. His real name is Chuck Kirkendall. The possibility of discussing the identities of his parents is being considered. He, nevertheless, is of mixed race and holds American nationality. There is no information about his educational background.
  • Kali lived with her stepmother and stepfather, both of whom abused her. Furthermore, he grew up in a very violent and crime-ridden neighborhood. Masal’s elder brother also committed suicide while playing on the ground. This encounter sends him down a path of despair and anger.
  • Kali made her acting debut as a bodybuilder in LMFAO: Sexy and I Know It (music video). In the same year, he appeared in Wonder Woman as a Super Soldier (a TV Movie). Similarly, he appeared in several music videos the following year, including Crisp Attacks: Today Was a Good Day and Internal Behavior Part 2: The Regurgitation.
  • In addition, he appeared in several TV shows in 2012, including Savior, Wilfred, Workaholics, The Dog Who Saved the Holiday, and Applebaum. The following year, he appeared in the role of Bouncer (an action movie) in White Tea. In 2014, Muscle was cast as Brett in the TV series Raising Hope. He also played the role of Life Coach in the same year (TV series) Maurya.
  • He also appeared as Kali Muscle in 2015’s Black Muscle: We Pumpin’ ft CT Fletcher. (music video). In the same year, he appeared as a bodybuilder in Kendrick Lamar: This Walls (music video). In Kali Muscle: Get Big, he appeared as Kali Muscle (Music Video).
  • In addition, she played the role of Glasya Labolas in the horror film The Taker (Horror) in 2016. The following year, he played a bodybuilder in the film Anabolic Life (TV series). Kali appears as Bones in Bullet Ride in 2020. (Action- Comedy Movie). Kali Muscle has a net worth of $5 million.
  • According to Millyus.com, Kali was allegedly arrested for robbery and transferred to San Quentin State Prison. During this time he was also involved in many other issues. He finally came out of jail after 11 years and decided to do something positive.
  • However, there is a report that he is cheating after years of marriage, and his ex-wife, Dwayne Kirkendall, has accused Kali of infidelity.
  • The length of the black mussel is 5 feet 10 inches and weight is 111 kg. He also has one black eye and a gleaming bald head.

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