How to Choose the Right Linen for Your Home?

Are you the type of person who is always on the lookout for new fabric brands and new ways to use your favorite old home decor? If so, welcome to the club! You’re one of the majority of people aware that there are different types of linens out there. And, believe it or not, you are not alone. There are a lot of people out there who know nothing about choosing the right linen for their home. Don’t feel bad- most people have a hard time picking out which fabric will work best in their home. But, with all the information available today, it’s easier than ever to figure this out. So, here are some helpful hints on how to choose the right linen for your home:

Check out the fabric’s pros and cons.

Like anything else, there are many good things about most fabrics. But, there are also a lot of cons, too. For example, a 1500 thread count sheet is the best choice for linens. To help you avoid making the same mistake, here are some things to keep in mind: + You want the fabric to be strong enough to hold up your items. This is especially important if you have kids, a large dog, or a messy house. + It’s important to choose the right weight for your home. A heavier fabric will cost more to purchase but offer more value over the life of the linen. + It’s important to choose the right weave for your fabric. The weave will determine the weight, durability, and even the lifespan of your fabric. When it comes to finishing, you want something that will last. Most fabric has a specific finish that it’s called and should reach its expiration date. And last but not least, it’s important to look for Style and Comfort. A good rule of thumb is to look for a fabric that’s easy to lay down. There are plenty of options that do this, but the easiest would be a crepe finish.

Look for style and comfort.

Like anything else, the look and feel of your fabric will determine how well it will work in your home. Plenty of fabric designs are simply stunning, but they’re extremely difficult to work with. So, if you want a simple and classic look, go with a fabric like linen. On the other hand, a more luxurious fabric like cashmere would be a perfect choice if you want to create a more personal touch.

Check out materials

Just because a fabric is cheap, it can hold up against your household’s wear and tear. It might not hold up as well as a high-quality fabric. You want to look for a fabric that is not only strong but has a durable texture. This will help your item stay pristine after years of use. One last thing to keep in mind is color options.

Look at color options.

Like anything else, you want to choose the right color scheme for your house. There are plenty of options for color, but the rule of thumb is to go with the most versatile color you can find. If you have a child’s bedroom that gets a lot of use, you may want to pick a color that’s easy on the eyes while maintaining some integrity to the walls. You can also use neutral colors, like beige, tan, or brown. These colors blend well with almost any other color scheme and would be the ideal choice for your home.

Bonus fact: It also can be cheaper!

If you’re on a budget, plenty of affordable options exist. Many of the lower-quality fabrics you might find at the grocery store are quite uncomfortable to work with. A cheaper fabric will feel harsh against your skin and may cause you to wear a different garment every time you wear your new linen. As with most purchases, you get what you pay for. The cheaper alternatives usually don’t have the durability or comfort you’d get from a higher-quality fabric. So, don’t be afraid to pick up the savings when you find the right deal on a piece of fabric.

Look for quality

You’ll likely spend most of your day in your linen, so it’s important to pick out a quality piece. If you’re not careful, you may pick a cheaper fabric that isn’t as durable as you’d like. Look for brands with a reputation for quality. There are plenty of places to shop online, but it’s worth going to the store and picking out a quality item to ensure it holds up over time.

Choosing the right linen for your home can be tricky. Not only do different fabrics have different lifespans, but they also have different degrees of wear and tear that they will give before wearing out completely. So, when looking for new fabric, consider the lifespan of your old home decor and decide if it’s worth the money being spent.


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